Car Wash Services


Keep your Car Shining like a shining Machine

SA Largest Car Wash Service Specialist

We offer:

      • Full Wash
      • Car body Polish and Tyre Shine
      • Engine Cleaning / Oil Removal on the Engine
      • Drop Off and Collection / 07h – 18h … If you need a lunch break or have a meeting, leave your car with us and enjoy your lunch break
      • Contract Cars / Trucks / Buses WASH … to Car dealers, Delivery Companies, Logistic Companies


Our Waterless Car Wash is the most preferable and most liked by many customers, It is capable of transforming any car into a shine machine

Your Car will look awesome after just being cleaned with Super Clean solution from PIERRE-CHEM GROUP. It also adds a protective layer to your car’s surface
The uniqueness of PIERRE-CHEM GROUP model offers customers our exceptional Car Clean Service.
We use a Waterless Car Cash technique which is safer and better for your car and our environment
We offer the best quality Car Wash in SA, Streaks above the competition.
PIERRE-CHEM GROUP spent almost 4 years researching our Car Clean Products before we entered the market

We offer:

        • SILVER WASH
        • And DIAMOND WASH

With Our:

        • Super Clean
        • Super Polish
        • Super Waxes
        • and Super Protect

Our 4 in 1 SERVICE , New in South African land

Find us at:

        • WINCHESTER GREEN SHOPPING CENTRE : 45 Swartgoud Street, Winchester hills Tel: 011 067 0314

Service helpline :

Tel : 011 037 8552 / 078 616 4641